Real Brides: Sydney White

Real Brides: Sydney White

With the influx of cooler weather, we figured we’d throw it back to spring time for some warm weather memories featuring our gorgeous bride, Sydney White. Sydney married her husband, Zach, mid-April of this year at the Indiana Landmarks Center. The best part? Our lovely couple tied the knot surrounded by loved ones on her grandparent’s 64th wedding anniversary. So sweet!

The Theme

Our open-minded bride, Sydney, didn’t have a major vision for the occasion and trusted her team of skilled vendors to help her piece together her dream wedding. She knew she wanted to keep it simple and full of greenery (perfect for spring!) and accented with soft blue tied together perfectly by her talented florist, Molly & Myrtle.

We applaud our easy-going bride on also allowing her bridesmaids to take (almost) entirely free reign of their dress decisions inside of the one obligation that it met the “baby blue standard”. Check out our Bridesmaid blog all about choosing bridesmaids dresses to learn more about why we love Sydney’s dress planning strategy!

Special Touches & Highlights

Sydney and Zach did an adorable first look beforehand. Our girl was so relieved to see her soon-to-be husband after the busy morning prepping for the ceremony. The iconic couple had a whole separate cocktail hour spent mingling with family and close friends. To add a unique touch, Sydney and Zach also made point to honor their grandparents during their wedding speeches as their inspiration for true love.

As if this wasn’t special enough, Sydney went all-out DIY with her incredible calligraphy skills. In fact, our girl is so talented she recently ventured out and started a business – more details on this in the near future as her website is almost ready for launch! She used her passion to create all of them wedding invites and wedding toppers for the big day.

Sydney’s favorite part of her wedding was simply looking around and seeing all the people that were there just for her and Zach. Not featured: all the amazing people they love surrounding them on the dance floor. She said she had never seen any like it!

About the Gown

Blue House Bridal was the first place Sydney went shopping and she ended up purchasing the first dress she tried on! We warn our brides all the time of this common fate that awaits so many of our brides. Probably half of our brides can relate to Sydney on this one… when you know, you know!

Sydney chose a stunning strappless A-line gown by Essense of Australia.



Like most brides, Sydney totally gets that it’s all to easy to focus on all the little details but at the end of the day none of it will matter. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Your big day should be about you and your husband. Soak it all in!

We’re in full support of that, Sydney! Stay tuned for more pictures of our girl’s gorgeous calligraphy for your wedding.






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