The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Bridesmaid Dress Planning

The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Bridesmaid Dress Planning

Now that you’ve found your wedding dress… bridesmaids dresses should be a cake-walk, right? 


Not quite. But we can promise it will be almost just as fun as your bridal gown adventure when you start diving into the process. Here are a few tips to get you thinking about which direction to style your bridesmaids for the big day. Just make sure you order your ladies’ dresses at least nine months to a year away from the wedding day!


  1. The first step is obviously to be sure to coordinate your bridesmaid’s dresses with the theme and colors of your wedding. Once you have your wedding dress and your theme planned out, narrowing down on the perfect bridesmaids dresses should be much easier to harmonize.

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  1. Based on your theme and color palette, consult the girls and get their opinion. Depending on the number of bridesmaids (and how opinionated some of the girls might be!), consider only conferring with one or two of the ladies of your bride squad so the decision-making process doesn’t get too muddy.
  2. Put yourself in your gal pals’shoes and based on your theme, think about what would pair well with all of their complexions and body types. Because every bridesmaid is going to be different and beautiful in their own way, consider providing them a few dress style and color options to choose from to make sure you feel amazing about the selection and they feel incredible in the dress they choose!
  3. Consider your bridal party’s potential budget and lifestyle needs. There are plenty of high-quality gowns on the market that don’t completely break the bank.

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4. Mix it up a little. Keep some dresses flawlessly simple with a solid color and bling up a few of the others. Have a couple of the     dresses incorporate some shine if your wedding is around the holidays or throw in some floral prints for any season

5. Be the weather woman and think about the season of your wedding. You’re probably not going to make your beloved girls wear a strapless, short dress for your winter wedding just like you orobably wouldn’t want to torture them with long sleeves and tons of layers in the summer. Plan accordingly the best you can for the season.

6. Consider letting your bridesmaids pick out their gown. We are continuing to see it become more and more common for bridesmaids to go out and scout their own dresses. If you go this route, be sure to provide them with very specific direction on the color palette and style you want them hunting for to avoid a clashy-combination. To be extra sure that all the dresses work together cohesively ask you girls to send pictures before making their final purchase!

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Remember that shopping for your bridesmaids should be an exciting experience once you are clear on your vision. Pop some champagne and have some fun with your girls!

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