Real Brides: Victoria Black

Real Brides: Victoria Black

No matter how much planning, perfecting and prepping you do for your wedding, the truth is that not everything always goes as planned. Usually it’s just little details that no one really ever notices such as the ceremony running a couple minutes behind or a bridesmaid that had a little too much fun at the rehearsal dinner the night before.

But for our bride, Victoria Black… well, let’s just say that minor mishaps like the ones above would have been welcomed.

Victoria is an all-star bride all around. She planned her wedding within 5 months and booked her venue 3 months before the big day which just so happened to land on her parents anniversary! She set the stage of the venue in Knoxville, Tenessee (where her husband, Dalton, grew up) with hues of dusty rose and navy blue and planned to incorporate other earthy tones and greenery to compliment the wood decor. And we can’t forget the vision for the spread of delicate candles around the barn to complement the fire place back drop behind the pulpit.

Trouble in Tenessee Paradise

The key in the previous sentence is “vision” because none of the wedding plans came into fruition. Except the getting married part… that still happened.

Allow us to explain.

On the night before the wedding during the rehearsal, the forecast alerted them that Knoxville was anticipating rain. And when the weather man said rain, what he really meant was “torrential downpour”.

The phone call that no bride ever wants to get rang through to Victoria’s phone. It was the venue calling to alert her that 6 feet of water was blocking the venue with 18 inches flooding it internally.

To say Victoria was devastated would be an understatement. But when we said that Victoria is a rockstar bride, we weren’t joking. Even among the chaos, the show had to go on! To quote Victoria exactly: “Come hell or high water, our wedding was happening.”

A New “Venue”

The next best thing to her greenery-covered, wood-decorated venue with a fireplace pulpit  was the hotel they stayed at the night before. Because the soon-to-be newlyweds and the rest of the crew couldn’t even reach the venue, they worked with the material they had from the wedding which included the bouquets, her dress (thank goodness) and the unity candles. Unfortunately, the unity candles weren’t exactly candles… more like two coffee cups with coffee creamer in them. 

The hotel staff put into gear to help our superhero bride and took the plants from the lobby of hotel to try to match the originally planned theme. They pulled together fresh cookies and coffee, assisted with setting up the environment for pictures and managed to squeeze in 40 guests.

After the hotel conference room ceremony, Victoria and Dalton set out with their guests to the restuarant they rented out to spend the rest of the night with friends and family.

Victoria’s Favorite Part of the Day

Our heroic bride was just happy to see her husband at the end of the aisle after the stress and chaos. And she knew the feeling was mutual for her soon-to-be husband.

She loved spending time with her close friends and family afterward, sharing laughs and celebrating married life.


Victoria’s Gown

Victoria had her sights set on our little shop here at Blue House becuase of how personable we try to be by providing a private space for our brides and her guests. Ironically, when one of our stylists pulled her gown, she was slim on hope of actually liking the wedding dress.

Well… like many brides who don’t love something on the hanger, Victoria lit up when she actually put the gown on. She felt like a princess.

Victoria came in for a long sleeve A-line and left with a strapless satin A-line with a deep-V. No sleeves in sight!

Advice from Our Hero

Victoria’s advice to current brides is that your wedding will never fully go as planned. Don’t sweat it when things don’t go as planned. Relax and remember the purpose of your wedding… to marry your soulmate.

We might add that you’ll have a wedding story that will be passed down and shared for generations.

You are an absolute ROCKSTAR, Victoria and we are so proud to call you one of our brides!


Photos by Nelya Photography 


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