Real Brides: Cassandra Tribbett

Real Brides: Cassandra Tribbett

In this edition of “Real Brides”, the wedding is just the icing on the cake. Grab your tissues because this proposal and wedding story are sure to bring on the tears. A story featured around the world in nearly every continent, we think the whole world was reaching for the tissue box when this story went viral! The Tribbett love story is certainly one for the books.

Before meeting Grant Tribbett, our Real Bride, Cassandra, was a single mother to then 5-year-old Adrianna. Naturally, Grant didn’t just fall in love with strong, independent Cassandra, he was also head-over-heels for her daughter. So when he woke up a couple years ago on the brisk spring morning of May 27, he knew this day was going to be unlike any other because he had a question to ask two of his best girls. After a day filled with Cracker Barrel brunch, dressing up (per Grant’s request of the girls!) and a long walk, Grant got down on one knee and asked Cassandra to marry him. Upon Cass’s enthusiastic, tear-filled approval, he then turned to Adrianna and with a beautiful heart-shaped necklace asked her if he could be her dad. Oh, and she said yes. Melting. Completely melting.

The Wedding

Cass and Grant’s wedding took place at the JLH Wedding Barn in Jamestown, Indiana. Draped with sheer cloth and lace, the barn was a dream. It was both elegant and rustic with a classic country feel. Our stunning bride had her venue decorated with shades of burgundy, navy and hints of gold throughout.

To make the December wedding special, her mom went to work adding intimate and sentimental details throughout. She hand-painted wooden ornaments sawdered with the newlywed’s initials and wedding date. Mom also spray-painted wine bottles to place candles on top of for a romantic vibe. To keep all of their loved ones close, she created a beautiful “In Memory Of” board for those that physically couldn’t be there on the Tribbett’s wedding day. The big day was filled with candles, rose petals and a whole lot of love.

Cass’ favorite part about her wedding was that it was full of genuine emotions and a celebration of not only marrying her husband, but Adrianna having a dad. To make it extra special, Grant had personal vowels to Adrianna and the first dance was reserved for the new father and daughter duo. Sniff sniff. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Cassandra’s Dress

In search for a unique dress, Cassandra arranged for her first stop on her wedding dress journey to be at Blue House. Although, she had not intended to find her dress right away, she fell in love with an Essense of Australia gown with an amorous tulle front and illusion sleeves. The dress appealed to her because it was one-of-a-kind and unlike anything she had ever seen. Instead of classic ivory, she also chose to wear champagne. Cassandra wanted something different and “off beat” from what everyone else seemed to be doing. In our expert opinion, we truly don’t think she could have picked a better dress. She looks like an absolute princess!

Advice to Brides

Cassandra believes that no matter how much you plan or stress, your day will always be perfect if you get completely get caught up with the person you love. Things will go wrong and no one will notice. Take a deep breath. Have a glass of wine (or two). And take in every moment of your day and celebrate each second.

From a stunningly vintage barn wedding with sentimental touches to one of the most beautiful proposals this world has ever witness, the Tribbett story is one for the books. And if the waterworks aren’t flowing by now, we’ll give a few more resources to get the full story on Cassandra and Grant’s proposal that went internationally viral:

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