Starting Messy: Badass Edition

Starting Messy: Badass Edition

We’ve noticed a common theme with the brides that come to visit us; all the gals that walk through our door seem to be some of the most smart, savvy and inspirational women out there and seriously make us all love our jobs that much more! Everyone on our team could tell you at least a story or two about an influential woman that came in for a wedding dress and left leaving her consultant inspired. 

So instead of just talking all things bridal, we want to put the spotlight on some of the women out there building dreams, giving back and fearlessly leaving their mark on the world. A hardworking business owner herself, many of our brides fall in love with Blue House’s owner, our very own Brittany Overbeck. That’s why we wanted to share all about Britt’s recent interview on the Badass Women’s Council podcast ran by another Indianapolis icon, Rebecca Fleetwood Hession.

After nearly two decades working with the Franklin Covey organization, Rebecca now owns a firm called Fleetwood Hession Consulting that specializes in working with high-achieving women and connecting small to mid-size businesses to purpose, profit and productivity. Rebecca is also an author, keynote speaker, mother and contributing writer to a #bossbabe brand serving nearly 1 million. She is also recognized as a TEDx keynote speaker with over 100K views on YouTube for her video, “Not Wrong, Just Different: ADHD as Innovators”.

Rebecca is an encourager and a motivator to say the least. She runs her business on the idea that your struggle matters and life isn’t perfect. In fact, we actually don’t connect well when our guard is up and trying to make our lives seems perfect. When we open ourselves up and tell our story, we invite others into our space. The only thing we all have in common is our imperfection.

In the words of Rebecca herself, “We all have that little lie we tell ourselves, “When I get caught up I’m gonna  ________”.  In that space is usually the stuff our soul really needs.  And we’re never getting caught up. Ever. So we must choose to do those things that feed our souls. “

The Badass Women’s Council podcast focuses on community, living out your fears and overcoming doubt. Reflection and connection are the two words Rebecca uses to describe her business and podcast. High-achieving women tend to isolate themselves from people like them because of how much they have going on. The reality? We need a strong community and people to stand beside and support us!

Although we won’t spill all the deets (hint: just listen to the podcast!), Brittany opens up in the episode about how she fed her soul during a difficult time in life. And she did it before she was “ready” or felt all caught up. In the process of pursuing what made her heart happy, Brittany helped build Blue House into the bridal shop it is today. Her passion for making brides feel beautiful and special is prevalent in how she operates her business and interacts with her guests. She is there to laugh and cry with you as you step into the dress of your dreams.

Brittany discusses the struggle that she went through in pursuing her own dream to own a wedding boutique. As you listen to her story, you will quickly realize that not every day was butterflies and rainbows. But in the words of Brittany, “you have to keep pushing and stand taller when people try to get you down.”

Some fun facts about Britt that she details in the episode:

  • She has been drawing wedding dresses since she was a little girl.
  • For the past five years, Brittany has mastered and competed around the country for ballroom dancing.
  • She started in the wedding dress industry by steaming dresses.
  • She initially worked in event planning after graduating Indiana University.
  • She was told by those close to her that she was making a mistake when she left her full-time job.
  • She tried out to be a Colt’s cheerleader last year.

Okay… that’s all we’re going to share. For more, head on over to check out Brittany’s episode, Start Messyfor all the details on her story and come-up from dress steaming to owning her own bridal studio. 

And for some serious daily inspiration, listen to all the episodes on the Badass Women’s Council podcast and be sure to leave our girl Rebecca a review! To connect with Rebecca, you can also reach her right here.

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