Real Brides: Leah Sebby

Real Brides: Leah Sebby

The Sebby Wedding Story

Let’s talk about Leah and all of her glamour! You will be completely swooning over this lady’s elegant wedding from the fall of 2017.

Leah’s dress is by Essense of Australia
All photography by Dustin & Corynn Photography

Leah and her now husband, Gerry, were married at the PNC building in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (We are sensing a theme with these Fort Wayne weddings! Peep Abby Laufman’s wedding story next.) What made this northern Indiana wedding so special was that it was on one of the top twenty floors of the PNC building and overlooked the entire city of Fort Wayne including where the love birds met years before while playing soccer at the university of St. Francis. Gerry and Leah got a perfect view of the spot where they first locked eyes over seven years before. So special!

All the Wedding Details

The first look, whether before or during the wedding is one of the most special moments. For Leah, it was her favorite part of the big day. A special moment between her, her soon-to-be hubbie and her closest family and friends. The soon-to-be newlyweds had waited seven years for this moment and Leah could not have been more excited to be the love of her life’s wife forever.

After the ceremony the romantic moments were woven perfectly throughout the rest of the evening. To make the reception special, Leah and her new hubbie had their own sweetheart table at the end of the head table. Still close to family but even closer to each other (all the feels!). And there was of course plenty of dancing. Admittedly, Gerry has a case of “two-left-feet” and isn’t one for hitting the dance floor. We’re pretty certain that Leah and the champagne may have convinced him otherwise.

Some other highlights from Leah’s wedding was that a very special man in her life officiated the wedding… her grandfather looking handsome as ever. Leah’s wedding was also full of dancing during the reception (wedding crashers- you should have been at this one).

Some fun facts about the Sebby wedding:

The theme of the wedding incorporated hues of navy blue, maroon, and burgundy accented with gold and an abundance of greenery. Lovely colors for an intro-to-fall September wedding.

Leah’s girls were given the colors and were able to get creative and pick out their own dresses. They obviously knew how to take matters into their own hands. Stunning dresses ladies!

Leah also had a brides-man (dresses weren’t exactly his thing) close by her on the big day to make it extra special

The goal was to make the wedding very elegant and classic and their wedding planner pulled it off seamlessly. She even set up a “sample wedding” 4 months prior to certify perfection. In our educated opinion, we think she got as close to perfection as possible.

BH Experience

Leah chose Blue House after her sister recommended that she give our little house on the corner a try. Her sister is also a close friend of the owner and was confident that Leah would an amazing experience. Our girl Leah knew she really wanted something special, so beforehand she requested that Brittany (our fabulous owner) send her some pictures before Leah determined whether or not it was worth making the hike to Carmel from her hometown a few hours away. We’re guessing that Brittany sent some pretty convincing pictures because within a few weeks Leah was being laced up in some of our favorite gowns. Turns out one of them was her favorite too. After Facetiming her grandpa who teared up at the sight of Leah in her dream gown, our lovely bride knew that the dress she was wearing was “the one”.

Leah’s Advice to Current Brides

Throughout the whole process, up until the big day, there will be a lot of moving parts and you can’t control everything. You also can’t control what others do or say so focus on what is most important to you to incorporate in your wedding. Your wedding is about you and your man and everything that makes your relationship unique and special. Always put that first.

We couldn’t have said it better, Leah!

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