Real Brides: Abby Laufman

Real Brides: Abby Laufman

On October 19thof 2018, beautiful Abby Laufman was married at the Civic Theatre of greater Lafayette. The significance? This theatrical bride grew up in Lafayette and made a home of the theatre when she was younger, performing plays and musicals. Although married in the theatre, Abby and her family celebrated the marriage at Carnahan Hall, a contemporary event space also in Lafayette.

About Abby’s Wedding

Abby’s favorite part about her wedding its pure reflection of her and her new hubbie’s personalities. Although she kept the wedding within the lines of tradition, this creative bride knew how to put a twist on things. Abby created her own centerpieces, the couple wrote their own vows, and the food… oh, the food. Can we talk about her brilliant decision to go all out with the taco bar? She received endless compliments of her creativity and ability to reflect herself in every part of her wedding. All that work paid off, Abby.



Abby knows how to keep it classy while staying frugal. Her goal was to keep the theme simple but elegant. Here’s a few ways Abby cut costs, got creative and made her wedding her own:

  • Centerpieces were handmade by her with pieces thrifted from Goodwill
  • Decorated with pumpkins (it was October ladies… brilliant) and painted them with gold shimmer
  • Her colors were a loose combination of burgundy, navy blue and gold with white accents although she didn’t stress about color too much and didn’t want things to be “matchy”… unconventional, remember?
  • The glorious taco bar. Oh yes, she did it and it was a hit.
  • Used unwanted greenery from a golf course and didn’t spend a dime


One of the biggest hits of the wedding was having her kids decorate for her. Abby and Tyler are both teachers who know how to put their kids to work (kind of, it was all for fun and the kids loved it of course). Each student in their classes made table numbers for them and wrote advice on the back of each stand. If you’re heart hasn’t melted yet then you may need to see a doctor.

The first look (and more)

She hesitated to say it because it felt cliché, but Abby said she truly felt like an absolute princess on her wedding day.  With praises from the women surrounding her in the hours prior to seeing herself complete before her walk down the aisle, she simply felt like a princess. Although she thought she would be nervous to walk down the aisle, it all seemed to fade the second she stepped foot. And everything just felt right. Tyler. The wedding. Her dress. Their marriage. It was all just right. (Current frazzled brides: you might want to talk to Abby. She’ll talk you down because it all seemed to work out seamlessly in the end).


Before the big moment, Abby and Tyler went downtown Lafayette for pictures. Although this wasn’t just any photoshoot. When Abby arrived, her favorite farmer’s market that she loved to visit was in full swing and ready to give her and her bridal party cookies, cupcakes and more to celebrate. Abby notes that she was petrified of eating the cookie for fear of getting it on her dress. We still don’t believe she could actually resist.

While her bridal party enjoyed their surprise snacks, Abby and Tyler were able to sneak away for awhile to talk. We know how hard it can be to actually spend time with your husband on the big day and Abby was grateful to take that time just between the two of them to talk about their excitement and dreams.

Blue House experience

Just like most brides, Abby thought she knew what she wanted… until she didn’t. Her goal was long sleeve and simple, but she managed to walk out with a strapless Pronovias gown with lace on the top and a big bow in the back. It was the only one the felt “right”. Plus, like her favorite quote from the movie “Runaway Bride”, her dress “moved like a bell” and that’s what she had wanted since a little girl

One of Abby’s favorite parts about her experience was being able to have her own space for herself and her family. She said Blue House felt like home and if you haven’t heard our tagline yet, this has to be our favorite compliment ever!




Abby’s advice to current brides on their dress hunt is to go into your appointment with an open mind and to let your consultant guide you. Try on a bunch of different dresses. Just like Abby, you may think you want sleeves but fall in love with strapless (or vice versa).

Thank you Abby for showing us how to stay true to ourselves, enjoy the process and to embrace all the princess vibes!




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